About me

As a kid I was shipped off to my llama-raising aunt to learn to quilt. She told me that I inherited the family story-telling gene. Sometimes grownups do know what they’re talking about.

I love people. I write stories about them. I have over a decade of experience publishing about and within travel, culinary, healthcare, government, nonprofit and education sectors. I write internationally and specialize locally in New Orleans and the American South. I care about the culture, politics, economics, healthcare, art, life, and education that shape who we are and can be.

I did my undergraduate degree at Duke, received my MA, M.Phil and PhD from Yale, and am not a professor. This set of life decisions makes me queasy about the dangling preposition in my first paragraph (which, my good readers, I assure you I would never send an editor), but not even in the ballpark of stuffy enough to change it to “Sometimes grownups do know the things about which they speak.”

Additional information

I have never met a stranger. Don’t be one.

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